Confetti FX

Confetti FX Making Your Special Events Unforgettable

An explosion of confetti fx at the right moment! Boom, and there are your guests making the most of the special hour! It can be a gala wedding ceremony or a birthday party, and the magic fx confetti canon will do the trick for you.


Our Confetti Cannon for Wedding and Other Occasions

Wedding is probably the biggest event in most of our lives. The beautiful vows of staying together can be made more profound with confetti. Especially, in Chinese and Indian weddings, you can add confetti along with fireworks displays. Think of a scenario where a beautiful bride is walking down the aisle in a beautiful gown or Indian ethnic outfit, and the explosion of confetti can add a little bit of drama and fun to this moment. Also, confetti can be great for moments like cake cutting, ring exchanges, etc.

Along with weddings, you can try our confetti for anniversary parties, corporate events, birthday celebrations, family get together, and every other event you can think of. Further, soon-to-be moms and dads can have some fun moments by bursting the gender reveal confetti. Especially, if the family already has a little elder brother or sister, bursting the gender-reveal confetti will be more fun.

Confetti Canon Melbourne:

Vivid and Safe:

Our confetti canons are available in different colours and hence are ideal for various occasions. Besides, there is a wide variety in the shapes as well, including hearts, petals, etc. You can even go for our confetti with metallic or glittery finishes. Also, we have biodegradable and UV finish confetti for outdoor use.

We advise you to take necessary safety precautions as the explosion of our confetti can reach up to 5 meters. The burst of our streamers has a greater reach. However, the reach of the explosion will depend on the size and ceiling height of your venue.

Further, we never use gunpowder in our confetti. You just need to ensure that your venue has the minimum ceiling height as per the safety norms, and everyone is maintaining a safe distance when the confetti is exploding.