Gender Reveal

Announce the Gender of Your Newborn Baby with Our Gender Reveal Fireworks

You will never forget the moment when you learn the gender of your unborn baby. Traditionally, the surprise happens in the delivery room, but nowadays, more couples choose to tell loved ones before the baby is born. We at Aussie Fireworks would love to contribute to that joyous occasion and assist with celebrating the joyful occasion. It’s hard to think of a better way to celebrate a gender-reveal ceremony than with gender reveal fireworks! When you team up with us for your gender reveal celebration, you can be sure that we will provide the best gender reveal fireworks to make your gender reveal party truly unforgettable.

Check Out Our Collection of Gender Reveal Fireworks Melbourne

As a leading fireworks display company, our fireworks for gender revelation come in a variety of designs. Please visit our official website to check out our collection of gender reveal fireworks.


Gender Reveal Cannons

Powder-filled gender reveal cannons are a great way of announcing the gender of your baby. They are great for fun, and colourful celebration in your fireworks gender reveal ceremony. Use our gender reveal cannons to create a joyous moment everyone can remember when starting a new phase of your life surrounded by the people you love most.

Streamer Poppers

We are pleased to introduce our brand new exclusive Aussie Fireworks Streamer Poppers, the perfect way to celebrate your gender reveal announcement or any other event! Available in pink and blue colours, these streamers stay attached to the fireworks. So there is no mess, no fuss, and no cleanup required!

Blue or Pink Powershell Tubes

With these aerial tubes, you can announce your baby’s gender by lighting up the sky with a powerful blue or pink chrysanthemum burst! Family and friends will be delighted to hear about your baby’s gender in this dramatic way.