Fireworks Displays

Firework displays for every Occasion

Providing Environmentally-Friendly Fireworks to Reduce the Atmospheric Pollution

You can count on Aussie Fireworks for the very latest technology in CO2 effects. As a leading pyrotechnic company, we have developed environmentally-friendly fireworks to reduce the amount of atmospheric pollution produced due to the CO2 effects. So, if you have any questions regarding our products and services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will surely bring the fireworks show to you.

The Team at Aussie Fireworks specialise in firework display design excellence, artistry and innovation’. The Team at Aussie Fireworks take care of everything involved in the fireworks display process, from obtaining relevant permits and approvals, creating custom musical soundtracks to accompany your display & designing the display with our state of the art pyrotechnic technology. With our custom effects, colours & firework designs, Aussie Fireworks have represented all Melbourne and surrounding area.

Whatever your event, Aussie Fireworks will make it unforgettable. From confetti canons at a school dance or stunning wedding fireworks for the perfect wedding photo background, to innovative, ground-breaking indoor pyrotechnics for performing artist world tours or a huge choreographed display for your city’s anniversary celebrations which will showcase your location to the world.

Firework Displays

The Products and Services We Offer

As a leading fireworks display company, we provide our fireworks display services for:

Grand Spectaculars – Large or Small - Scale Multimedia Fireworks Displays

Aussie Fireworks specialises in producing complex, large-scale fireworks displays for major events. We pride ourselves in employing a broad range of high-quality talent, meaning we can advise and successfully work on everything from the initial planning phase all the way through to the stunning presentation.

Our pyrotechnics design department savours the challenge of working on or around city landmarks, marine environments, iconic buildings and challenging architecture. We can light up the skies, the most beautiful structures your city has to offer, and thousands of faces in a single presentation.

When planning a large or small -scale Grand Spectacular, compromising on quality is never an option. Exceed your audience’s expectations with Aussie Fireworks where the passion, professionalism and innovation of our complete turnkey pyrotechnics project management service is second to none.

The Bang Collective

The Bang Collective is a live performance company that produces explosive live performances featuring spark, fire, water, light and music.

The Bang Collective’s current show is “The Colours of the Outback”

Blooming from the wilderness of Melbourne’s outback, The Colours of the Outback takes the audience on a magical journey of pyrotechnics colour, red hot flames, impressive imagery and foot tapping rhythm.

Aussie Fireworks stars paint the sky and illuminate the arena, to replicate the wild scenery and seasons of the Australian outback. With a live didgeridoo performance like you’ve never seen before and pyrotechnics by Australia’s most innovative, The Colours of the Outback promises to deliver a uniquely ‘Melbourbe’ explosive experience.

Community Events & Festivals

Aussie Fireworks for Community Events and Festivals

Ever since 1922, Aussie Fireworks has been lighting up the night skies for a broad spectrum of national events and festivals for local and wider-spread communities and groups. We can produce fantastic fireworks and pyrotechnic shows well-suited to the central theme across the country, from Darwin fireworks shows to displays in Melbourne. Aussie Fireworks can design, plan and produce stunning displays for:

  • Music, dance, comedy, community, light, arts, religious, food and wine Festivals, to name but a few
  • Agricultural and Country Shows
  • National Day, New Year, St Patrick, Halloween and religious Celebrations
  • Specialist shows such as Christmas Carols by Candlelight
  • School Fetes and Proms
  • Carnivals and Parades

Sporting Events

Stunning Sporting Events with Aussie Fireworks

Sporting events are synonymous with excitement, noise and large gatherings of enthusiastic fans. Aussie Fireworks has produced countless displays of pyrotechnic art for national and municipal sporting events, creating and presenting spectacular displays for similarly spectacular occasions. Whether you are hosting an indoor or outdoor sporting event, Aussie Fireworks has the experience, the passion and the knowledge to help your event proceed, celebrate or end with a suitable bang.

We stock and often design new, innovative ‘custom’ products for our exclusive range of close proximity and debris-less pyrotechnics which exceed legal, environmental and aesthetic standards for rooftop, waterside, stadium and city centre displays. Close proximity and debris-less fireworks and pyrotechnics are visually dramatic but extremely safe and cause practically no damage to local flora and fauna, either in the water, or out. These are also the ideal solution for municipalities on a tight budget, as there is significantly less debris for clean-up operations to contend with.

Whatever the size, scope or location of your sporting event, Aussie Fireworks  over 25years of fireworks expertise which integrates perfectionism will produce the right sense of fun, drama, anticipation, excitement, awe and joy to any sporting event.

Sporting Events
Special Events (1)

Special Events, Corporates, Launches

Your Special Events or Corporate Launch with Aussie Fireworks

Aussie Fireworks can add the ultimate ‘wow’ factor to any sponsored or corporate event, making your company, political party or project stand out from the rest, increasing brand recognition as we integrate your colours and themes into sophisticated pyrotechnic art. We work together with event organisers to ensure your corporate event or product launch will be remembered for years to come.

Our own team of creative display designers come from offices in and around Melbourne and surunding susbrubs. Wherever you decide to launch your product, we know how to bring our ground-breaking fireworks and special effects to your location. At Aussie Fireworks, the sky is never a limit.

Wedding Fireworks & Special Effects

The most stunning wedding photographs with Aussie Fireworks

A social highlight in every culture, weddings have moved from simple services and buffets to ground-breaking events created to instil a feeling of joy and happiness in every member of the wedding party.

At Aussie Fireworks, we know exactly how to add special effects throughout a range of wedding day highlights, making your special day the ideal opportunity for spectacular photographs and videos for everyone involved. We can add stunning effects to various parts of this special occasion, such as bride and groom’s arrival and departure, the exchange of vows, the cutting of the cake, the wedding toast, the best man, parents and bridesmaid speeches, or the bridal waltz. Working together with your wedding planner, we know how to add a wide range of special effects and wedding fireworks while keeping in the background, at the same time ensuring the safety and pleasure of each one of your guests, anywhere in Melbourne, Victoria.

Aussie Fireworks wedding effects can be used both indoors and outdoor, adding multiple wow factors to your special day. Whether you are looking for a traditional but sophisticated fireworks display to round off a perfect wedding celebration, or looking for out-of-this-world SFX that will delight and amaze, let your imagination run wild and talk to one of our pyrotechnics designers. They will be able to tell you which options are suited to your location and respect your choice of colours and theme. With Aussie Firework, the sky is never the limit.

Wedding Fireworks & Special Effects (1)


Go Out with a Bang

Ashes can be carefully placed into hand made aerial shell fireworks, that are launched high into the sky and burst in spectacular style and colour scattering the ashes over the ocean or favorite location that the ashes are desired to be spread over.

Ideal for the person or pet for whom you literally want to go out with a bang.

Corporate Team Building Events

The ultimate team building experience at Aussie Fireworks

This is a special and extremely unique service offered by Aussie Fireworks. Our corporate team building package is the ideal, highly unusual way to bring your team members together.

Finding venues and activities for team building purposes is big business. Every company tries to outdo the next, looking for wackier and increasingly out-of-the-box experiences to reward and bring together corporate team members. Aussie Fireworks offers an incredible addition to the wide range of activities available throughout Melbourne. Get your next corporate team building activity off to a bang with a special day creating and presenting your own fireworks display. This experience will blow your competition clean away!